At Get A Room Productions we specialize in providing top-notch tour management and consulting services to artists, tour managers, and creatives with a desire to execute successful shows and careers in the live entertainment space.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and commitment to excellence through our personalized services.

Let’s work together to build your vision into a reality!

As creatives, our art, ideas, & content have the ability to impact others. Get A Room provides services that facilitate your growth and engagement.


Are you ready to go on tour? Use our expertise as Tour Managers and Tour Directors to:

  • Build full tour travel and show schedules.
  • Manage your tour personnel.
  • Coordinate all transportation and lodging needs.
  • Handle all advancing with venues and production.
  • Budget and account for finances.

Event Planning.

We’ll help you plan and execute your next show or event by:

  • Helping you secure a venue.
  • Obtaining permits.
  • Building a team (assistant, host, lighting, sound, promotional team).
  • Strategizing your marketing.
  • Organizing a budget.
  • Helping you turn a profit.


Want to learn about tour management or go on tour but aren’t quite ready yet? Let’s talk!

Through our consultation service we help you build a strategy that you can scale and implement autonomously to enhance your career. We’ll show you how to package and promote your art to grow your audience and get on the road.

Book a consultation today.

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